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A Guide to Determining Your Baby's Conception Date

Getting pregnant is extremely exciting. Soon, you'll be bringing new life into the world and experience a love you never knew was possible! Before your newborn son or daughter arrives, though, you'll have to get through a somewhat tedious nine months of pregnancy. Figuring out your conception date is a critical component of determining when your baby is actually due.


For some women, who have been trying to conceive for quite some time, tracking their conception date is fairly easy because they've already been using a calendar. For others, though, determining the conception date can be immensely challenging. As you read the rest of this guide, you'll learn more about how to figure out your due date based on when your child was conceived.


Gauge Approximately When You Conceived


Every woman, based on the date of her last menstrual cycle and the date she took a positive pregnancy test, should have at least a basic idea of when her child was conceived. Use this information to your advantage when you visit a due date calculator website. Once you enter the approximate date of conception, the system will tell you about when you can expect your baby to arrive. Do bear in mind, though, that all due dates are estimates. Babies are often born a couple of weeks on either side of their official due dates. Read more facts about pregnancy at


Have a Conversation With Your Doctor


Throughout pregnancy, it is important to keep your doctor apprised of anything you're doing differently than you normally would and of any questions you might have. If, therefore, you're confused about the information your due date calculator at provided to you, make sure you discuss your situation with your OBGYN. He or she will have a variety of tests that can be run to help nail down a more solid due date for you. Ultrasounds, for instance, are very useful in regard to this.


Make Sure You Only Visit Reputable Sites


It is important to make sure that the due date calculator websites at  you're visiting are reputable ones. This way, you can trust that they are using proper algorithms to calculate when your child is due. A good rule of thumb is to go to those sites you've heard of before or have already used to get other accurate information about your pregnancy. If you're planning to use a new webpage you haven't used before, read some reviews prior to registering.