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Pregnancy Conception Date

Once a woman is declared pregnant, it is often difficult to determine the conception date. Although you may desire to know the conception date, it's still a challenging affair. However, with careful calculations you can come up with a possible conception date. Below are some of methods you can use in calculating the pregnancy conception date.


Estimating your conception date


Conception is defined as the exact moment when the egg is fertilized. Consequently, the conception date and intercourse date are believed to be one and the same. Nonetheless, since the sperm can live inside a woman's body for up to three days, depending on when you ovulate, conception can happen the same date of intercourse or three days after intercourse. It is only through artificial insemination that the exact dues date of conception can be determined. Otherwise, in normal cases determining the due date of conception is purely an estimation matter.


Calculation based on ovulation


All it takes is a little knowledge and research about your body. What do I mean by knowing your body? Well, women have different ovulation dates. Therefore, you should be able to determine the exact date of the month you ovulated. For example, if you have a 28-day cycle you ovulated 14 days after the first day of your last period. On irregular cycles or longer than 28 days, one more day is  added for each day your cycle extends.  More facts about pregnancy at


Conception date calculator


With the information about the cycle length, month, date, and year the conception date calculator automatically calculates the due date. However, this is only an estimate since the calculator assumes ovulation occurs 14 days before the first day of your expected period; regardless of the cycle's length.


Ultrasound estimate


 This is another due date conception calculator, which basically calculates the conception date within one week of your gestation period. Gestation period is measured by the date of your last period. Therefore, gestation period can never be measured by the conception date at The due date calculator will, in most cases, not be similar with the gestation period. In addition, the technician can measure your baby's size in the calculation of the due date of conception.


Basal temperature


This method at works by calculating the number of days between ovulation and your next period. Due dates are not possible to attain in this method since ovulation cycles are irregular in most women. Therefore, feeding information in gadgets will be affected by factors such as moods, weather, and other biological changes in the body.